Deciding How Much To Spend
My DSLR recommendations are based on price and shooting/photography needs. The prices come from B&H Photo’s website. When deciding how much to spend just keep in mind that you will need to purchase a camera body, lens or lenses (some camera bodies are sold with kit lenses), memory card, lens pen for lens cleaning and some kind of carrying case. The follow recommended kits include all of those basic necessities. In addition, you may want to purchase a more powerful external flash, tripod, remote shutter release, extra battery and additional memory cards.

As a general rule of thumb you will find that the following improve as you move up in camera body price/quality:
  1. Improved image quality resulting from high MP and improved high ISO performance
  2. More features and more buttons to activate those features
  3. Stronger and tougher body frames with better environmental seals, which are also larger and heavier as a result
  4. Faster in-camera processors that speed up overall camera performance
  5. Improved autofocus accuracy and speed
  6. Faster shutter frame rates for a given camera resolution

And you will find that the following improve as you move up in lens price/quality:
  1. Improved build quality with environmental seals at the professional level
  2. Larger maximum apertures that are maintained throughout zoom range, along with better image quality at any given aperture
  3. Faster and more accurate autofocus, along with smoother and more accurate manual focus rings
  4. Lenses will also be larger and heavier
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