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Clackamas River Residence (Estacada, OR). 2008

These sketches present the initial scheme for a private residence and the first phase of work for the client's large land holdings in the area. Future phases may include a track home development that will attempt to reinvent the suburban living experience to include preserved wilderness corridors, a variety of transportation options within the development and the adjacent historic downtown, individual home design that increases overall density while also increasing privacy and community, and finally the development will include shared common amenities that create a bridge to the adjacent history downtown.

This first phase is located on a different property adjacent to the downtown. Perched on a south facing hillside ridge over looking the Clackamass River valley and mountains beyond, it's ideally located to take advantage of passive solar strategies along with offering the inhabitants expansive connections to the surrounding landscape. Only ten minutes was spent at this particular site but that was enough to determine the basic concept as presented in the current set of sketches. A survey is forthcoming and programming will be the next task.