Canon 5D Mark I with two Canon batteries, one 2GB Lexar Pro CF card and all original accessories, manuals and packaging (unopened) = $1,300

This camera was purchased new September 2007 and was used until November 2008 (one year of usage). The camera has been well cared for and is in near perfect condition. The image quality from this camera is nothing short of outstanding, especially if shot in RAW mode where you can make the most out of the full frame 12.8 MP sensor. If you are interested in achieving the best quality for the least money then this body couple with Canon's excellent consumer level prime lenses (50 f/1.4, 85 f/1.8 or 100 f/2.8) simply cannot be beat by any other model or brand (personal opinion that is shared by the majority of professional users)!

Items included in this sale:
-Canon 5D Full Frame DSLR body
-(2) Canon batteries
-Canon battery charger
-(1) 2GB Lexar Professional 133x Compact Flash Card and original packaging
-Canon strap
-Connection cables (USB/Data and Video AV)
-All original manuals, paperwork and CDs in unopened plastic wrap
-Original box and packaging (part of 24-105 kit, lens is not included)
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